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“Bishop Ryle is pre-eminently scriptural and expository. He never starts with a theory into which he tries to fit various scriptures. He always starts with the Word and expounds it. It is exposition at its very best and highest. It is always clear and logical and invariably leads to a clear enunciation of doctrine. It is strong and virile and entirely free from the sentimentality that is often described as ‘devotional’. Ryle’s books are a distillation of true Puritan theology presented in a highly readable and modern form.” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Every thoughtful young man must read J. C. Ryle. For those who don’t have the time or would rather listen, Douglas Bond presents this new audio book. As a young man, Ryle was a first-class athlete, rowing on the crew and playing cricket at Oxford, and a diligent student, graduating top of his class. After hearing Ephesians 2 read in church, Ryle was converted to Christ and thereafter earnestly pursued an uncompromising life of faith and ministry. Throughout his long life, Ryle became a leader in the evangelical movement, proclaiming faithfully the biblical and reformed gospel of grace. During his preaching and pastoral ministry, Ryle became a lover of the Puritans and, like his heroes, wrote prolifically.

“True repentance is never too late,” wrote nineteenth-century pastor J. C. Ryle, “but late repentance is seldom true.” Throughout this little gem of a book, Ryle overflows with perceptive, biblical observations like this one. An important leader of the evangelical Anglican movement, Bishop Ryle became an earnest and eloquent voice for biblical orthodoxy in an age of rationalism and defection. He is pithy, urgent, prophetic, and hard-hitting–just the things for today’s young men. I’ve read Thoughts for Young Men more than once with each of my three oldest sons, and as a supplement to our family worship several times. In significant ways, venerable Ryle has shaped my forthcoming Father & Son series. A bonus feature of the audio recording will be classical guitar arrangements of hymns featured in the Mr. Pipes series, played by former heavy-metal lead guitarist, Rich Young. My prayer is that this audio book will help turn commute time into earnest and inspiring instruction for fathers and sons. Go to Bedford House Books for information about my Fathers & Sons Series, STAND FAST and HOLD FAST.

“Ah! Young men, young men, do not pawn your souls, do not sell your souls, do not exchange away your souls, do not trifle and fool away your precious souls; they are jewels, more worth than a thousand worlds, yea, than heaven and earth. If they are safe, all is safe; but if they are lost, all is lost.”
Young Men Exhorted to Come to Christ
Thomas Brooks

“Ah! Young men, young men, do not play the courtier with your precious souls. The courtier doth all things late; he rises late, dines late, sups late, goes to bed late, repents late. What monsters are they that make not provision for their own souls! This will be bitterness in the end.”
Young Men Exhorted to Come to Christ
Thomas Brooks


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