Two Talks in Vancouver

March 21, 2009, the Clark County Home Educators and First Class Homeschool Co-op West, had me come to Vancouver, Washington for a morning seminar on the importance of honoring worthy heroes and another talk on fathers & sons, challenges we face in a sex and sports saturated world.

I drew material for the first session on heroes from chapter 21 in STAND FAST In the Way of Truth and from chapter 9 in HOLD FAST In a Broken World. The next session I drew from material in chapter 11 of STAND FAST, “Self-Control and Sex,” based on Paul’s admonitions about avoiding sexual immorality in I Thessalonians 4:1-12. Then I signed books and talked with readers.

One father came up afterward and, while attempting to say something to me, broke down in tears. We stepped aside and found a corner to chat for a while. His father left the home when he was three years old. He never remembers having received a hug or any sign of affection from his dad. He said he so much wants to be a better father to his sons than his father was to him.


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