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Two Talks in Vancouver

March 21, 2009, the Clark County Home Educators and First Class Homeschool Co-op West, had me come to Vancouver, Washington for a morning seminar on the importance of honoring worthy heroes and another talk on fathers & sons, challenges we face in a sex and sports saturated world.

I drew material for the first session on heroes from chapter 21 in STAND FAST In the Way of Truth and from chapter 9 in HOLD FAST In a Broken World. The next session I drew from material in chapter 11 of STAND FAST, “Self-Control and Sex,” based on Paul’s admonitions about avoiding sexual immorality in I Thessalonians 4:1-12. Then I signed books and talked with readers.

One father came up afterward and, while attempting to say something to me, broke down in tears. We stepped aside and found a corner to chat for a while. His father left the home when he was three years old. He never remembers having received a hug or any sign of affection from his dad. He said he so much wants to be a better father to his sons than his father was to him.


JC Ryle, THOUGHTS FOR YOUNG MEN, audio book read by Douglas Bond

JC Ryle, Introduction, Thoughts for Young Men, read by Douglas Bond

JC Ryle audio book, chapter one

JC Ryle, chapter two

JC Ryle, chapter three

JC Ryle, chapter four

JC Ryle, chapter five, conclusion